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Marketing Basics - Market, Attract & Sell (Mini Course)


You want to start a business.

You know you have talents…or you probably don't feel like you do (I have news for you).

You don't want to waste any more time researching the steps on how to market your business or what you're selling and scroll through the plethora of marketing advice that is just going to continue to make your head spin.

This mini-course will be delivered in 6 separate lessons

Lesson 1: Attraction Marketing and You

Lesson 2: Sell Your Offers

Lesson 3: Build and Sell Via Your Emailing List

Lesson 4: Build Your Website and SEO Optimization

Lesson 5: Profitable: Social Media Platforms 101

Lesson 6: Create A Basic Marketing Plan

— A guide to teach you how to market yourself and your business at your own pace, in your own time.

After purchase, you'll receive instant access to the full training to go at your own pace.

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6 binge-able lessons to teach you how to market your dream business, online.

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Marketing Basics - Market, Attract & Sell (Mini Course)

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